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The Reserve

The Nature Reserve of the european bison (bison bonasus) in Spain is placed in a privileged environment in the region of Montaña Palentina, namely the town of San Cebrián de Mudá. The place where people can watch several european bison specimen is a 20 hectare large plot in the middle of an oakwood and meadows. Since 1927 there is no free-range bisons in the world, therefore the main objective of this project: the repopulation of this historic animals.

Just to be clear: this place is not a zoo nor an animal exhibition, so visitors are not guaranteed the view of the animals when coming to this reserve. Based on the animals freedom and the size of the reserve, there might be some sight possibilities, but not a certain chance of seeing the bisons.

Bison watching can be made from three different spots, two of them within the reserve. In the entrance of the reserve, there is a building where visitors can learn more about this species. There are special prices for school groups of all ages. Every tour is guided and will last at leat 2 hours. The is a 2km distance between the Center and the Reserve. Visitors can tour the reserve in different ways: depending on where the animals are, the tour will go one place or another. In the winter, the tours can also be made in snowshoes.

Watch the Reserve Live

Quaternary Park

It is located in San Martin de Perapertú at a different site, where two of the species which had relation with our ancestors, live, as the Przewalski Horse and the European Bison. This place is created as a fight against the extinction of these especies and for the development of a job profile called producers of biodiversity. This profile creates sustainable jobs in rural areas.
It is important to introduce the visitor in a different place, where there may be a direct and wild connection while admiring these animals in full freedom.

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Info & Bookings

In San Cebrían de Mudá, in the province of Palencia in Spain.


0034 979 605 823 / 0034 666 229 574


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(From 26th october 2019 to 22th march 2020)
From Saturdays to Sundays and Holidays: 11:00 - 15:00 h (Last visit: 13:00 h)
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By foot: 9€ / Children 3-7yo: 3€ / Over 67yo: 8,50 €
Groups +30 people: 7 €
Visit Bison and Horses: 16€/people. Minimum 4 people in the morning. Only under reservation.

* SUV: 11€ (4 people minimum)
* Horse Carriage (Booking is required in advance): 15€ (4 people minimum)
* Bicycle: Normal: 10€ / Electric: 14€

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